App not working even after latest update

Even after the last update, the app is still showing just the map of the globe and nothing else.

This is on both my iPhone and IPad. iPhone is an IPhone X and the Ipad is a 9.5ā€. Both are running the latest Apple updates and the latest DroneDeploy version.

You say latest version of iOS, but for record could you please state what version that is. Iā€™m assuming 9.7 and not the Pro or Air? Also, is the iPad a 2015 or 2016?

Have you tried completely removing the app from all devices and reinstalling rather than just updating?

Hi @DTracey,

Thanks for messaging us about this. Sorry you are experiencing this. This is actually a bug we are working on fixing for iOS devices. As a work-around you will want to open the app directly from the app store once you install it. Once you do that the first time you should be able to open it from the DroneDeploy icon on your home screen.

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