iPad Mini 4, DroneDeploy app only displays map

Just got it freshly installed, hit “Get Started”, log in, and I get the map with the menu closed. When I try to open the menu, nothing happens.

Here’s a video showing what’s going on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sU6JMiZtHO0&feature=youtu.be

I really want to try out DroneDeploy as it’s looks to be the best free solution by far, but it’s not working for me.

@waterbottle exact same issue in my ipad 3 (model MD371X/A). @chasemgray

So we figured out this issue is only happening on iOS 9. We understand that a few users are not able to update to iOS 10. It looks like we have about 96% of people on iOS10.

We have put in a fix that will go out with the next ios version. Unfortunately it looks like there are a few other bugs in iOS 9. Hopefully this helps let you fly at least.

Hi There - I’ve got the same problem. just got a new mini ipad 4 runnins ios 10.2.1 and cannot access the dashboard. program shows the map and drome location but I cannot access any functionality. Any Ideas?

Me again - oops ! can I retract my last post? I thought my mini ipad 4 was telling me that it was running ios 10.2.1 BUT it was actually saying I could upgrade to ios10.2.1 (!)
What else could you expect from an old DOS Windows man!
Hopefully soon I wont have a problem