Aluminum Detecting

I’ve been part of a memorial project the last two years where a B-52 plane crashed and am interested to know if the Drone Deploy software is capable of identifying aluminum aircraft pieces that may be hidden under leaves or partially buried. The area is too large to cover with metal detectors on foot and I’d like to know if the Drone Deploy software could be used for this and if so what the conditions might need to be. It might be too much to ask the program to do and just was curious.

Presently it is just an RGB camera and would not likely do much for you on this.
I don’t know if a thermal camera on a hot day would detect the pieces. You would have to test that.
You might look into LIDAR but it is much more expensive.

Thanks Gary for the input. I saw a PBS special where a drone with some type of special camera went over an area in a field where they thought a paddle wheel boat had sunken and eventually buried as the waters receded. It was neat to see that they were able to recreate a 3 dimensional drawing that showed the mass of the boat under the ground. I’ll look into LIDAR. Thanks again.