Which drone for real estate agent and architectural engineer

Which dji drone is easy and cheap where I don’t have to drive the drone and the dronedeploy app does my shoots and videos and to do also scanning of 3D maps? and I want to use them for youtube videos of the beach?

I would recommend looking into Dronelink for that use case. DroneDeploy doesn’t support DJI Mini drones and once you get past them the Air 2S is the best choice but it is $1K and requires a DroneDeploy subscription for flight.

If you are using it for commercial purposes you will need a Part 107 Certificate and at least the Professional Starter version of Dronelink.

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@Gershon_Pocorni Michael got it spot on!

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I only have 1 property per month to measure the heights of the terrain.
And with the DJI app I can do the real estate thing and use it on autopilot

So that means I can not do a try out with the Air 2S a trial is not possible?I live in Aruba no certificates here and no rulles

Yes, you can use the Air 2S on the trial.