Upload speeds

I have used DD for the last 7 years. I fly the same 18 fields 10 times every year. For the last 2 years I have been able to upload a file in 23 minutes. The file is always around 360 photos. This year it is taking 60 minutes. My internet speeds are the same as last year. I am not sure what is going on. Is DD slower, computer slower or internet slower. Is anybody else having longer uploads times?

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Hi Ken, I have started a new drone services business in Vancouver Canada. What kind of fields are you scanning 10 times a year and what kind of reports are you producing if you don’t mind me asking?

Thank you in advance,


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Hi Ken,

On our end we’ve seen the median upload time for a map between 300 and 400 images has improved 50% from 12mins to 8mins over the past year, so the opposite of what you are seeing.

Just want to confirm:

  1. Are you seeing the same number of images captured?
  2. Are your “internet speed test” results about the same y/y?


Thanks for replying. Today I downloaded 7 maps and it went much better. I am not for sure why. I continue to clean my computer for useless files and for whatever reason it went well.


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