Why do uploads take so long?

Ok. I suspect that it is the 700ms latency of my satellite connection. But a few days?
This was after selecting Turbo Upload which reduced the supposed size from 7GB to 699MB. The screenshot was taken after 5 hours. Glasswire reports that 383MB have been uploaded

I did another map a couple of days ago that was 5GB which took 10 hours.

I can upload to a cloud service at 5Mb/s. So a solution would be to upload to cloud and then transfer the images to DD but I don’t think that’s possible. Maybe someone could confirm that?

Driving to somewhere with better internet is possible but would be a real pain. 200KM’s and then find someone who will let me use their data every time I want to upload photos for a map is not really practical


Ouch! I have seen some inconsistencies, but I attribute mine to peak usage. It seems that allot of people like to use the internet and allot of pilot like to upload on Friday afternoons. :yum:

Hi @SouthCoast,

@chascoadmin is correct. The upload speed is directly related to the upload speed of your internet and the queue time is directly related to your subscription. I apologize for the inconvenience. Also, make sure you are using Chrom or Firefox for the best results with DroneDeploy.

I beg to differ. I can upload at 5Mb/s (600KB/s) to cloud services and the like, but uploading to DD is running at between 120 and 320 Kb/s (up to 40 KB/s).

Anyway the upload above timed out and I had to try again. This time it started at 80 photos (DD must have already regognized that they were uploaded already?) and has been going for 6 hours

I am using Chrome


I guess what I was trying to convey was that the DD servers may have been loaded up at that point in time. Could have been several hours. Does the same thing happen if you try right now (off-peak)?

5Mb is pretty slow, I am assuming you have a 50Mb or better connection? Speed Test

Hi @SouthCoast,

Sadly, if your upload speed locally is as slow as 5MB / second you can expect much longer upload times. I would use the link that chascoadmin provided to check your speeds. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

chascoadmin, I couldn’t help but have a wry smile when I read your post about assuming a 50Mb or better connection. I am in remote Australia and I have three choices for internet 1- 25/5 via satellite, 2- 12/1 via satellite or 3- none :wink: I choose option 1

Either option on the satellite is considered by our government to be “fast broadband” and because the satellite service covers all of Australia that has no other internet it has been mandated that there are strict limitations on how much data can be used. Different service providers offer different plans via the government provided satellite service but a common affordable limit is about 60GB peak/100GB off peak. This is a much improved figure of a few months ago when it was about 30/50.

Maybe I should give up farming in Australia? Our Prime Minister once claimed that it was our “choice” to live in remote areas, so maybe that was what he meant :smirk:

The link to the speed test would only bring up a blank page, but going straight to fast.com returns 4.3Mb/s.

Anyway - I have now managed to upload a small area of the paddock so I will have to be happy with that


Did you mean 5Mb/s (bits) or 5MB/s (Bytes). Sadly it is 5Mb/s


Ha, I didn’t even clue into the fact of where you were. That speed would definitely make it tough. I remember not too long ago when we were very happy to get 5Mb at our jobsites! What was the ping value on the fast.com test? That has allot to do with how systems calculate and update estimated times.

My ping time is 630ms when pinging to a server in Sydney. All of our satellite services connect to the internet near Sydney. I would be more telling to ping to where the uploads are sent. Perhaps someone could enlighten me with where that is?


That’s a big number. It’s going to be hard for the system to tell how long it is really going to take. It may say a day and only take half that. Either way, pings in the stars are anywhere from 5ms to 50ms so we are just spoiled.