Unsharp Masking

Would be great to have an option to sharpen images on uploading. this is a typical image processing feature. Unsharp masking - Wikipedia

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Image editing is probably not a liability that any photogrammetry software is going to want to deal with. That said you should be very careful with pixel manipulation as the uniqueness of them is the entire premise of tie-point discovery. Changing exposures is one thing but if you sharpen with too much or with too large of a radius you are actually changing the objects by manipulating the surrounding pixels and could very easily create distortions by which the points will look different from image to image and cause inaccuracies if not complete failure of processing.

We do batch editing with ACDSee of the lighting itself making sure to never touch the colorization of the pixels and if there is any sharpening to keep the radius below 3 pixels and the threshold low enough so that the entire image is treated equally. If you start highlighting specific areas of the images it will impact how those aspects look from image to image and from different angles. Make sure that whatever software you use does non-destructive editing and saves a backup of the original. In ACDSee once you are certain you are happy with the final product you can commit the changes and cleanup the backups.