Batch Post-Processing

I have noticed a pretty significant difference in image quality and accuracy by post-processing my images in ACDSee. Professional and Ultimate also allow you to edit RAW images. Very low cost for the functionality and the license is yours until you want to upgrade. I am still running the 2016 version. In a matter of 15 minutes of the computer working (5 clicks by me) the program fixes any exposure/shadow/blowout issues.

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Will it do exposure balancing across a set of images?

Yes, one of the standard batch processing options is to auto-level each photo. The only time I have had trouble with this is when an image is way over or under exposed, but I haven’t experienced this since going to the Phantom 4 Pro. I usually deal with those images individually to get them close then run them with the batch. If the exposure ins’t quite right with the P4P it is usually minimal and ACDSee will put them all at the same level. I like to touch all the photos anyway as part of my part of my workflow to optimize brightness vs. contrast. Best thing is that it always maintains the previous version of the image after editing.


Thanks for the feedback and suggestion. There are many programs that batch photo edit such as Photoshop or Lightroom. It all depends on personal choice.



I have been using ADCSee for many years now. And more recently Lightroom 6. Both struggle with auto levels, with my P4 pics. And I stopped using the auto levels in ACDSee a while ago for non-drone images because the results were so variable.
In both cases the correction is too strong, even on min settings (no adjustment available in LR6). Be good to know of an option for “light touch” results.

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If you check out the message I invited you to you can overcome the extremeness by using a developer preset to even the images out. Then once committed you can use the stock batch editors if you like. I find that I usually have to do very little once I minimize the over-exposures and heavy shadows.

In example for those who won’t see the message.




An amazing photo! I really like to do the same pics, but honestly say I always spend a huge amount of time on editing and pretty often I use color filter for pictures which helps me to improve the quality and brightness of my photos. Usually it takes something about 3 hours to edit 10+ pics.