Lev. Aerofotogramétric

noble friend I made the last flight and I believe that I used this new method enabling a circle flight at the end of the mission and also enabled the diversion of obstacles. But when I rendered the images in the Agisoft Photoscan, there is a lot of conflict when it comes to adjusting the support points using these 3d images. Each time I adjusted the foothold flag to the correct location of the foothold in the image, another image would misfit the flag that had already been adjusted. I had to discard the 3d image to work the processing and adjustment of the images to the points of support.
I would like to try your software of image processing and level curves and volumes, but I read very little in English and have no tutorial in Portuguese or Spanish at least. Then I lose interest.

Oh, have you solved the problem of having to adjust a single altitude for the flight? it would be good if the drone were programmed to change the altitude in quadrants or sections of the flight plan as the terrain was elevated, so the images would be practically the same resolution and pixel size per square centimeter

Hi @Angelo_Antonio_Rebel,

Thanks for swinging by the DroneDeploy Forum. At the moment, we only have documentation and resources in English to share.

In regards to terrain awareness, we do not have that feature available.


You would have to fly separate flights over the different elevations and upload all the images as one map.