Text Labels in Overlays

We have a very large construction site and need to add Labels to the map to help identify areas.

At the moment, i’m doing this by creating PDFs and then uploading them as overlays, but this is incredibly time-consuming and you get the edges of the pdf showing on the map.

Could we please have the ability to label things as an overlay?

3D DXF’s was officially released but requires an Advanced, Teams or Enterprise license.

I’m on a Teams licence. 3D DXF’s can’t label on the 2D map. Unless i’m doing something wrong?

You might be right. Are you using text, mtext or a note block with attributes?

The support team have confirmed that it is only for 3D elements and not for text labels.
Oh well…

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What is considered a “3D element”. Text can have an elevation value. I haven’t used DroneDeploy in a bit so I haven’t been able to see how they finally implemented the visualization. Is the linework elevated to a static value? Is it draped? Can text not be elevated before import? Explode or block the text? These are all questions I would ask but it sounds like the only think that will populate might be linework… It’s a shame they are “flattening and draping” it like we did before.