Storing map tiles on device

I have looking many places but I have not seen this posted yet.

I have potential jobs in a few areas that literally have no access to a data network. namely the Atacama desert in Chili, some rural areas of Turkey, and Djibouti. Now the Offline planning has solved my issues in a few areas.

But in some areas, my mission is further complicated by the fact that I do not know the area I will be mapping before I get there. For instance I will be out there mapping right of ways for piplines whose locations have not been planned yet. So I can’t accurately pre-plan my flights.

If I were able to store areas of map tiles on my Tablet, planning onsite without data connection would be no problem at all.

How possible is this.

We also need this capability and face similar challenges…

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Thanks for your feedback @CI_Aerial and @Gregory_Veizades - I’ll make note of your request for our product team.

I would also appreciate this feature

I’m looking forward to this also as I operate a lot of my time out of mobile data range. Cheers.