Specify aircraft/camera/lens combination while planning

I generally plan missions ahead of time from a computer rather than being connected to the drone. I also rotate between 3 different models (phantom, Inspire 1 and Inspire 2) with different camera/lens options.
I would like the ability to try out different aircraft and lenses while planning.



I like the request because as we move forward I think there will be more variants of drones compatible. I hope for DroneDeploy’s sake and my (Yuneec H520) sake. At least DD will currently automate your drones. For now we are left to do the calculating. Crudely you can look at the specifications for the focal length of the different cameras and adjust your AGL on a percentage basis of how they are compared to the Phantom 4 Pro. I have had good success hitting the correct numbers with the H520’s E90 camera.

Phantom 4 Pro - 24mm w/ 75/70 @225ft AGL

Example: 16mm = -25% = 158ft and 30mm = +25% = 280ft

Along this thinking adjusting the AGL is better because of the way DD controls the speed of the aircraft according to overlaps. Additionally wider angle lenses distort more the higher you go and longer lenses lack the focus range to compensate the closer they get to the subject.

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