Ability to choose and set focal Length

We have been testing our inspire with both an X3 camera converted to NIR and an X5 camera both are working beautifully and we have been able to create deliverable’s however one thing that we are wishing we had is the abiltity to choose a focal length for our lenses. We currently need to fly lines with major overlap i.e. 95 fwd’s and 80 sides just to have enough usable overlap to create products. a quick selection of focal length that is non standard would be incredibly helpful for flight planning purposes. Thanks much for all the work so far we are loving the functionality and the capabilities your work adds to our UAS fleet.

I’ve added the focal length request to our list. What types of lenses are you using?


Thanks so much for the quick reply. We are currently running a 12mm lens on the X-3 (which has the smaller 6.17 x 4.55 mm sensor) this was modified when we had it converted to IR. For the X-5 we are running the standard 15mm (which has the larger 17.3 x 13.0 mm Micro four thirds sensor). I doubt to many folks will run into issues with the X-3 as this was a custom conversion for us but with the M43 mount and interchangeable lenses I imagine many folks will run into issues with the X-5. That being said I would love some options for the X-3 as well but that is just selfishness. Thanks again and can’t wait to continue using your products.

We currently automatically handle the different X5 sensor size.

Yep I knew you did sorry I wasn’t as clear as I could have been didn’t mean to be misleading my writing sometimes rambles. I was just noting sensor sizes to add the 35mm equivalencies of the lenses.
The main point I was trying to get at is being able to adjust for lens focal length to have overlap and sidelap be correct and predictable with differing lenses particularly on the X-5 since you can use any number of focal length lenses on it easily. Thanks again and sorry for the misleading over explanation earlier thanks again.

I have added that to our list of feature requests. We’ve been thinking of something like this to help people with modified NDVI cameras.


Awesome thanks so much as always incredible response to what your clients need much appreciated.

Hi Chase or DanPayn,
Sorry to necropost, is there any update to this? Haven’t received a reply to my recent thread about it

I was excited to use DroneDeploy after purchasing a modified (camera) Phantom 4 drone, but have not been ablhe to find a suitable workaround for having a 4.35mm lens. One the Drone Deploy representatives, through email, states there is no way for you guys to do this. I hope that there is and I can settle on what software platform we will run with.

I don’t know if we’ll have a way to set focal length, but a way to adjust the speed will be coming up which should at least allow you to fly successfully.