Matrice 210 RTK slow mission

I just purchased a Matrice 210 for use in mapping our projects/volumes etc. I went with the X4S camera as I was told this is better for mapping with the manual shutter. at 200ft the speed was limited to 7mph with 85% overlaps. I was getting upwards of 14 mph on my original phantom 4 with the old 12mp camera.

I assumed I would almost be able to fly at top speed with a manual shutter camera.

7mph is not very productive.

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Is this on a sunny or overcast day? With my P4P on overcast days I limit the speed to 9 mph while flying at 350’ in order to prevent motion blur in the photos. You are flying the M210 much lower which makes motion blur worse. The X4S and P4P cameras have the same 2.8 f number so this does not give the M210 any speed advantage. The 84 degree FOV of the X4S is smaller than the 94 degree FOV for the P4P so this is a slight disadvantage. The X4S has 20 MP vs 12 MP for the P4P so this makes matters worse by about 30% as an image moves off the pixels faster. If the sensor in the X4S is more sensitive than the P4P’s this could allow a faster shutter speed and faster flight but I have not found details on this. So there may not be a benefit to the X4S camera that would let you fly faster.

I suggest flying higher if you want to fly faster. Try 350’ and see what you get.

If you are getting a 7 mph limit on a sunny day then something may be wrong.


Thank you so much for this. I was into this issue and tired to tinker around to check if its possible but couldnt get it done. Now that i have seen the way you did it, thanks man

@maxwell566 Have you had any luck? I wanted to verify that you were using the Phantom 4 Standard and not the Advanced or Pro before? We get use to saying P4P for the Pro, but @SolarBarn was correct with the 12MP for the Standard. The Adv and Pro have 20MP mechanical shutters like the X4S. If it is the Standard then it is also a rolling shutter.
All that said, DroneDeploy assumes a Phantom 4 Pro in it’s calculations so you have to adjust your parameters in comparison. Narrower field of view needs either a higher altitude or more overlap and since you are already at 85% I would fly more in the range of 260-270ft. Pretty typical for the P4Pro is 225ft with 80% and flight speed auto at 12-14mph. I don’t know how DroneDeploy’s auto-limiting of the speed is affecting the M210. Lookward to hearing your progress!

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