Sharing error

Hey DD,

I got this error message today when trying to share a map…left hand side show error message.

Yes I have a connection.

Any ideas, see screen shot, left hand

Hi Innes,

Sorry to hear this isn’t working for you- is this a map that was shared to you, or one of your own maps?

Yes and tried again today with a different data set and received the same error?

The survey in question is for sharing with a potential client. All feedback and a fix is appreciated.

I had the same message multiple times tonight when trying to export data to myself. Thinking it was just a slow server I tried quite a few times and only a few seemed to send OK. However, I later discovered they were all actually sent, even the ones with an error message !

Thanks Mark for your comments…

None of my maps shared?

Neema, have you got any feedback to offer before I head off to one of your competitors?



the same error is occur for me , how to clear that error?