Unable to download shared map

I am no longer able to export a map from a folder that I was added to the share with list, I have been able to in the past.

Tony V

Hello @tvomfell

A couple of things may have happened which caused you to lose access. You may have had your permissions changed from the owner of the original map. Also, the owner may have not shared the folder as well. More information on this can be found in our support article titled “Sharing Your Data with Folders”


Thanks for the reply Yusuf, but non of those are the reason, the folder still shows me as an editor, but I can no longer export any of the maps, I was able to less than 2 week ago. any other ideas? I am trying to put a presentation together for the client and need to be able to get the maps.


Tony V

Is the Export icon grayed out, or is it missing all together?

when I open the map, and click the export button on top, I get this error. ( Exporting is a paid feature. Please go to your account settings to upgrade.) and the export button on the bottom is then grayed out. It is my clients account, and I am listed as an editor. I was able to down load the previous maps I did for them in the same folder, but now nothing.

I thought I didn’t have to have a paid account as long as my customer does, and they add me as an editor.


Hello @tvomfel,

Thank you for reaching out. I can see your account status is currently on our free explorer plan. When a client shares you a map from a paid subscription, unfortunately, you are not granted those paid privileges as far as exporting. You are able to view the map and also the annotations.

If your customer adds you as an organization member, that is different. That will allow you full access.

You may have been on our Pro Trial during those times you were able to export the maps and now it has expired.