Sending Map Update Notifications

Can we possibly add the ability to send map update notifications? We get the initial map ready notification, but it would nice if we could send a formal update once all the content is loaded, if important annotations are made and overlays are added. With additional media viewing in the works they would apply as well. Similar to Plangrid or Bluebeam.

Funny coincidence? I just had three of my users contact me about receiving so many individual emails. That confirmed for me that everything after the initial sendout notification should be controlled by the VDC team.

Bump. Just chatted about this with others and it is becoming a problem in our company. People start ignoring DroneDeploy because they are getting so many emails. I need all auto-notifications turned off and the ability to send or “Publish” one master notification once I have completed all the back-end preparation. If they look at the first notification and the progress report, pano and video are not ready then they are likely to miss them because they are just deleting the emails.

Thanks! @anya

Bump. This is still a much need improvement to increase the professionalism of the delivery of the data. I am working on a project right now that is requiring allot of exporting and data analysis and my users have received 12 email notifications in the last two hours. Please give us control of when a notification is sent and the map is truly ready for consumption! @Andrew_Fraser @Jamespipe

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Bumping to see if there is any agenda to change or give the option to change how notifications are sent out. What if we want clients to have access, but don’t necessarily want them to receive every data completion notification? It would be much better if they weren’t sent and we had a nice tool to send an official and professional sendout.