Processing map in random coordinate ground level system

By trade, i am a surveyor and i have processed many sucessful maps in drone deploy using the preset coordinate systems and epsg codes. We utilize our RTK gps and have had great sucess with those maps.

Recently i was awarded a bridge project that is very remote and i will not be able to utilize my GPS unit to place control points. I will have to use my Total station which purely operates on northings and eastings in a completely random coordinate system. IE start point n5000.00m,e5000.00m,el100.0m and with no grid level corrections applied. My question is if there is a way to process this map with the control points collected from my total station? I do not care about real world positioning, all i care about is that the map is accurate to my control points. for example, the bridge is 220m long and i need it to measure 220m long in the map. In reality even if there was a way to calibrate the map/model to known distances and elevations that would work aswell. In PIX4d (no longer have subscription) but i could import whatever points i like in any random system, select the control points from the images and it would process the map and model to those coordinates. I cant seem to find a bypass around these preset real world coordinate systems.



You can just pick a point on the ground through Google Earth or a GIS program and get a coordinate that is semi-close. You can get a northern and easting by installing the SPCS83 KML from here.

You then move your points in CAD or a GIS program and you will get coordinates that are close enough to tag GCP’s in DroneDeploy.

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