New Releases: Improved Ground Control Point (GCP) Process (phase 1), 12/6/16

As you probably know, processing a map with Ground Control Points (GCPs) dramatically increases its global accuracy.

Thanks to feedback from our users, we’re improving the GCP process in DroneDeploy to give you more control and faster results. Now, instead of emailing GCPs to our support team, you can request GCP processing directly within the Map Engine interface, and your GCP map will be processed in half the time.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Upload your images to Map Engine
  2. Click on Ground Control Points menu on the Map Engine sidebar
  3. Upload a csv file with your GCPs and specify your coordinate system
  4. Submit your data for processing!

Read our updated GCP guide for more information on the process.

This is just the first phase in our efforts to improve the GCP process, so please let us know what you think, and continue to share your feedback and suggestions!

**GCP processing is available on the Enterprise plan and for $75/map on the Business plan

Awesome! Excited to try it out…

Hello Anya,

As far as GCPs go, the main/only information you need to collect on each is their exact location for each GCP in space correct? Latitude, Longitude, Elevation? Anything else?

As far as collecting this information, I understand that an RTK GPS system is the best method but is there a more realistic way to go about practicing/testing GCP maps that doesn’t require you to spend more than 500$ let alone $14,000 for a true RTK system? Also, considering I am doing these maps as a self teaching phase and not making any profit off them yet, is there a way to test it in DD without needing to spend $300 on the business plan then another $75 on top of that for the single GCP map.


For GCPs, you would need latitude, longitude, elevation, and the coordinate system that those measurements were taken in.

One helpful resource: the survey comm uses EPSG codes (

Right now, DroneDeploy can only offer CPG maps at the $300 business plan level. Sorry we can’t help out more at this moment.