Print (not 3D printing) a 3D model with good resolution

Hey Guys,

I`d like some insights on how I could be able to take a still image from a 3D model (like the one I uploaded) and then print it (in paper) with a good resolution. I need to print it for a canvas that measures 9,4 feet x 6,5 feet. The printing shop told me that it has to be at least 7000px x 5000px to be printed at 76dpi to look good (like a 2D map that I sent them that is around that resolution).

Hopefully somebody can help me out, this is a business opportunity for me.

Bumping this conversation- any input is appreciated. Thank you!

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Honestly getting this model into another piece of software, even if it’s just a demo, will give you a sky background and let you render it at a much higher resolution than taking screen grabs from Sketchfab. I recommend something like Autodesk Infraworks.

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Good suggestion, thank you.