Fixing map blemishes and printing a map after exporting

Hello, I am a new DD user and this is my first post here and I have a couple of questions. First I recently completed my first map using drone deploy. It was a map of 91 acres of farm land including a lake/pond and was recorded manually using a DJI Matrice and an X3 from 250 ft capturing 102 photos. Overall it rendered well in the map engine but there are areas of the water that didn’t render properly leaving spots on the water and the small building on the site came out a strange shape. These issues are merely cosmetic but I would like to resolve them if possible to provide my customer the best possible product. Can this be done in DD or will i need to upload the exported TIFF to photoshop to correct the blemishes? My customer would also like to have the finished map printed. What would be the best way to go about doing this? What kind of paper should be used, what size should I print to be able to see good ground detail and yet not lose resolution? Thanks all.

It’s difficult to map water and other reflective surfaces. It almost always comes out weird. The only thing I could think is to adjust the resulting map in some sort of photo editor.

I took also a pictures of the harbour.
the first result was good, nothing on the water

another with the spots on the water, when I choose to make a structure in map processing.
the same pictures.

It’s highly unlikely you’ll be able make a map of water due to limitations of the current state of photo stitching.