Issue with lastest 2D aerial map

Hi, yesterday I flew an area (water treatment plant) and noticed that after uploading to DD once it had processed alot of the water bodies are not showing up.

Do you know what the reason for this may be? All the individual images on the SD card don’t show any issues.

The drone I used is the Mavic Pro (1) w/ Iphone 6 plus.

Here is a link to the map with the issue;jwt_token=eyJhbGciOiJIUzUxMiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJ0eXBlIjoiUmVhZE9ubHlQbGFuIiwiaWQiOiI1YjgzZTg1YjI0MjlmM2M4MzEwNDA0NDgiLCJleHAiOjI1MzQwMjMwMDc5OX0.srkI8OK0z22pwFwnv_e2bXdUlWwTBR37qn9HYY6xNvBULyqxcS9yRyQTp2AJ-i31mrSMq1TooU0qfz-tUEaYWg


It can be quite challanging for the photogrammetry program to capture bodies of water due to their featureless surface. It the water is shallow and transparent, it may show the bottom features. Or if the water has steady reflections it may be able to capture the surface.


If you open the attached url of the original map you should be able to see the issue

I see the missing areas. They seem to occur where the water is most featureless. Maybe DD could reprocess the map with different settings and get a better result.


Could anyone from DroneDeploy chime in? Maybe as SolarBarn suggested could you attempt reprocessing to see if it fixes the issue?

I would suggest contacting Drone Deploy customer support and have them reprocess it.
Either Chat or

If the water has some feature to it it will create a very spiked/pitted surface. If it is completely placid it will miss it every time.

I agree with all the other comments - a featureless surface such as a body of still water is always going to present difficulties for the DD photogrammetry software. Notice that the water is properly represented all around the pond edges where the software has the bank features to hang on to. I am unsure whether this issue can be resolved by DD or whether it would simply be better to return and re-fly a copy of the mission but on a windy day. If you are close by the treatment plant then I suspect that the latter is going to be the best option.

All the best of luck.

As per the suggestion from Gary - where you able to get DD Customer Support to reprocess the images. I have had this issue with flying over some forest and water areas where there were missing areas, and I requested DD to reprocess and the final image came back complete. One other way I have been able to also overcome this issue is to upload the photos to DD without mapping a flight route.
With regards to flying on a windy day - beware that even a 5 knot breeze is enough to distort edges of a building / structure when photos are stitched together.