Phantom 4 lost connection

Besides the lost connection, about 1/2 of the images were not on SD card even though it was capturing images in the PIP view. I wanted to map about 40 acres but only 20 acres of images were captured.
Live tracking lagged considerably, and then stopped entirely. Seems to be a problem with the A2? When the tracking stopped the battery indicator stopped being reliable as well. Can you check the log and try to resolve? Thanks.


sorry to hear this happened to you, @koavog -We checked back through your log, and unfortunately, weren’t able to determine the cause. Our other customers have suggested this as way to ensure images are stored properly:

  1. Format SD card in DJI app
  2. Take a test photo in DJI app (do not delete it leave it there)
  3. Close DJI app & open DD then run the pre-flight check and fly

Would you mind giving that a try and letting us know if that helps?

Thank you,