DD app lost contact half way through mission

Yesterday I was surveying a macadamia plantation of about 10 hectares. All was going well and I had line of sight of the Phantom 3 Pro all the time and strong connection signal, but about half way through the tracker stopped moving on the grid and I could no longer see the camera images in the window. The aircraft continued its grid pattern so I let it run out the mission this way rather than abort and it took photos all the way, but the only telemetry I had was the currently selected waypoint. I could not even monitor the battery status. Very scary. This was the latest iOS version of the app.

This happened to me yesterday (though I lost signal because I lost LOS)…it continued taking pictures until I was given the option to resume the mission then when I hit resume, it stopped taking pictures. I guess I should’ve just left it alone…

edit: Just did another flight, phone crashed, rebooted, drone was still doing the run, decided to just let it finish, and when it did, zero pictures had been taken. Blah :confused:

This is happening to me all the time lately. I’m just letting the drone finish the mission, but a little scary not being able to monitor position or battery status.

I’ve experienced this as well. Out of the blue I get a “Drone Disconnected” message. In my case I let it complete the mission and luckily, it was capturing images. That said, it was pretty stressful to see the drone doing its own thing and not seeing progress on the Drone Deploy app.

For those of us that use drones as a means of income, this kind of inconsistency in the user experience is frustrating! Sometimes I’ve driven miles and miles away from home to do a commercial job. I need to know that the map was created…not hope it was and simply “wish for the best”.