P4P camera vs P3P camera

Does anybody have a comparison of the P4P camera and P3P camera - same height, same location? I’m interested in the resolution difference. I have a project which needs as fine a resolution as possible from 300 - 350 feet.

This will give you some idea of the benefit of the larger sensor.

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The P3P also has a wider FOV and more distortion which becomes more of a factor the higher you fly. While it will allow you to capture more area per image I am not sure if the DroneDeploy system will still adjust for this as old as it is.

Just curious, why so high?

I’m flying shorelines to review submerged aquatic grasses. Flying the recommended height to get good overlap. I’ve flown lower but loose images at the far edges due to lack of detail available in the water. I have to be above 100 feet due to tree height. 350 results in short flight times and good images. I haven’t seen a big improvement in detail at 200.

Here is one of the flights for reference.