Phantom 4 Pro vs Mavic 2 Pro Planning

@MichaelL I never considered the FOV difference, that’s a good point. I guess the tradeoff is having to lug around a suitcase. I would think since the sensors in the MP2 and P4P2 are the same, the pixel density would be better in the narrower field of view. In theory then, if you mapped from a slightly higher elevation with the MP2 to achieve a relative FOV as the P4P2 (lets say P4P2 @ 100’, MP2 @110’) the end result would be the same. I’m sure there are many other factors but interesting to think through.

The megapixel rating is the same, but the sensor itself and the lenses are not. The P4P has a mechanical shutter whereas the M2P has a rolling shutter. It is effectively creating a picture out of stripes of video. The P4P has an effective 24mm and the M2P a 28mm so your point of the images effectively being the same from different heights is somewhat true, but from experience I can tell you it does not reclaim that much quality and the P4P images become visibly superior. The first two maps are both 250ft with 75/65 overlaps. You would have to run the M2P at 295ft to cover the same amount of area in the same amount of time as the P4P. So what if you then have limitations on altitude?



M2P Adjusted

This is also why it is such a problem in planning now that the DD system defaults to the M2P until you actually connect the drone. If you are planning on a web browser or on the tablet without the drone connected the algorithms assume the M2P specs and once you manually choose the P4P or connect the drone you will see the plan change drastically.

It would be great if we could set which drone to plan with by default for the whole account.


@terrancer Definitely agree. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that is probably an enterprise account feature.

Just verified.

I hadn’t noticed that but you are definitely right. One interesting thing is the speed difference when switching from MP2 to P4P 2, 11 mph vs 13 mph @ 200’. Assuming that has something to do with the rolling vs mechanical shutter?

That’s possible, but I don’t know how they have it setup. It probably has more to do with the overlap settings and the height at which you are flying. I didn’t check to see if the raised M2P had similar speed set as the P4P at 250ft…

It did raise it on my end when I adjusted the elevation to have the same flight time. Also noticed the resolution on the MP2 at 250’ = 0.7 in / px, same as the P4P2 at 200’.

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Actually looking back at your screen shots, the resolution is slightly better on the MP2 at 295’ than the P4P2 at 250’.

I just want consistent planning and results.

Have Enterprise, don’t see it.

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