New User - quick question

I am really interested on using DronDeploy,
Before I buy my license. I would like to download the app and get familiar with it, until I feel comfortable, I understand using the app on that way I will be able to mapping but I wont be able to process the pictures Right?

I am starting my drone business and I still dong have customers and I believe is the right time to get familiar with the software I will be using in the future.

Regarding the license at the beginning I would like to buy the PRO license but I don’t want to have a contract with that being said, can I buy a license for one month and in the future buy it every time I have a job to do with dronedeploy.

thanks in advance for your help.

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Here is some info:

and the link:

Notice at the top of the info it says “All new users start with a free 14-day Pro trial”. So you can definitely process pictures and download a JPG or Geotiff or OBJ but no others (no Point Clouds, LAS, XYZ, Shapefiles, DXTLF or Contours). To access the other formats you will need a Business plan at $399 month-to-month. But you can start with the Pro plan for only $129 month-to-month. But you save $552 a year if you make an annual commitment. With an annual plan, you only pay for 7.3 months at the month-to-month rate but you get 12 full months of service.


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Hi @Viewsfromsky,

Thanks for reaching out about are pricing options. To piggy back off of what @SolarBarn was saying, we do offer 14-day Pro trials. I would encourage you to try one out before you buy your Pro subscription if you would like.

Once you are done with your trial you can get your subscription on a monthly basis for $129 a month, in which case you are free to cancel and not use it the following month. Or, you can get your Pro Subscription for the year at the monthly cost of $83. I encourage you to check out our documentation on our different tiers and what each one offers.

Thanks for the information really helpful…!