Pay as you go

Does dronedeploy have a pay-as-you-go plan something like Carlson does or some of the other sites at $3,500 a year for what little bit of work I need to do
for my project will last a year
what I got to do I need the individual plan
Probably total only about five gigs the processing required


Hey Brad. Unfortunately DroneDeploy doesn’t have a pay-as-you-go but depending on how your projects are spaced out you can stop/start a monthly subscription. Honestly I think you are on the right track with Carlson Photocapture from how you describe your usage. There is also Mapware and MapsMadeEasy but I can’t recommend them as I have never used them.

You’ve got to keep an eye on those services because they can stack up quick. Carlson does pre-paid upload storage allowances. Mapware does 2 cents/MP which is about $80 for 200 20MP images and MapsMadeEasy does points which seems to be just a different way of paying for storage up front. You pay for a block of points and then each map uses a certain amount of points. How big are your sites?

I asked for this for at least two years ago, but no way. DD is an excellent service, but the pricing model is nothing for small time actors as I and many of us are.
So sad.

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Yes I agree I think they’re missing a lot of Revenue by not open it up for smaller operators doing the demo and playing with it a little bit I absolutely love drone deploy what I can do and how it works but I just can’t justify the cost for what I need my project right now is about 20 acres with three houses in a shop

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I have No-Fly conditions (Lack of lightning, snow and cold) 7+ months per year. No money flowing in at that period makes it impossible to pay these sums.
A “Pay-per use” with some kind of ticket-based system would be perfect.

For me I would do the lite plan you know 99 bucks a month I would need all the features that come with the individual plan I could handle having a limited number of maps to do like I said I don’t need a lot just can’t justify $3,500 for what I need

if i stop and start my subscription
when i stop it am i locket out of the account or can i still view the map i made
i gess the real qweshtion is what can i still do if i stop my subscription
thank for all your help

That’s a good question. The data retains for 90 days but you will only be able to plan and fly like a standard free account.

So I will not have any access to the maps I created is that corect

Not sure. @Andrew_Fraser ,could you detail this out?

@Brad247 Happy to help here! If you stop a subscription with DroneDeploy, any maps, models, and media will be retained for 90 days. You’ll be able to see this data on your main dashboard, however, you will not be able to make any changes, export, or use analysis tools. We typically recommend exporting any and all data you may need prior to cancellation.

I hope this helps!

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