Free & pro pricing suggeston


I love your product, its truly amazing. However, I just have a suggestion regarding pricing.

As i am new to drone photography i would like to specialise in 3D mapping. I have appreciated the free trial so that i can test the product but it was not sufficient time for me to get some real experience or to pick up any clients to start generating income.

Without a regular monthly client the fee of $99 per month is expensive if its just being used as a toy and not a tool.

My suggestion would be to offer all the features in the PRO package as free but you cannot export or share any of the data until you have paid the $99. This would enable new users to use your product untill they start generating revenue.

The other option which i have seen with one of your competitors is to charge per survey. So a fee of $10-$15 to export each project.

These are just suggestions that i think will help new users to be able to enter the drone mapping market on lower expenditure.

Keep up the good work guys

Shane O’Connor- Skyline Photography Ltd (UK)


Thanks for your feedback, Shane!