Minimize GCPs / Required GCPs from DD / ASCII File?

Does DD still require at least 4 GCPs for the software to work, when you load GCPs into your map?

with RTK and using GCPs is there a way to just use 1 or 2 GCPs for the software to work?

Also, is the a way to export an (ASCII) file with all the N/E points on your map? I know it will be a lot,
But the engineers want this data. Not just click locating points, with the location tool. All of them…

If you are good with your horizontal you can pick a spot on the ground (GCP) and do a single point elevation adjustment. They also now have the capability to upload the PPK logs and the system will process them. We have tested with the M3E and Autel Evo RTK. Note that it defaults to Geoid18 but you can transform it back to 12B if needed. You can still do the single-point beyond that. Your horizontal will remain your RTK/PPK position.

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Thank you! Your wealth of knowledge is GREAT

There is a single GCP workflow now, but it has to be turned on for your account. Reach out to your CSM and they’ll get it turned on for you.