Phantom 4 RTK - What types of output are there?

We are a survey company that mainly supply topographical dwg output using RTK-Rovers on the RTK-VRS network (Trimble VRS-Now) and traditional total station captured data.

We’re looking to add a Phantom 4 RTK to our list of tools to capture data, but are unsure of the output from the drone. I understand that a photo that has the Easting & Northing information embedded in in is one output, as well as being able to create a 3d model with 3rd party software. However what we want is to also have the elevation spot data available (exportable) so it can be imported into a .dwg drawing to augment the traditional the survey.

Does anyone have experience of this or can confirm that we would be able to get the GPS location exported in a usable format to import into AutoCad or LSS? Also can the orthomosaic stitched phone be included as a ‘layer’ in AutoCad?


Welcome @Ossey_33!

You can download a DXF contour map, the LAS point cloud to be turned into a surface and the orthomosaic map. There are other formats, but they are more GIS related that you probably won’t need. For survey work you will want the point cloud as we know that making a surface for spot grades out of a contour map is like copying a copy of a copy. Just to clarify the images are geo-tagged with latitudes, longitudes and ellipsoid GNSS heights.

You will need to transform the data for export that is in lat/lon to your local EPSG/CRS. When you export the ortho map in your coordinate system it should load as a geotiff or tfw (world file) right into your CAD.

If you have a known coordinate then you can enter that into the P4RTK base. You can then link the P4RTK base to your VRS to get those corrections and them pass them along to the drone. You probably know well that the VRS network doesn’t always match the leveled benchmark and this is usually mitigated by doing a localization in your GNSS equipment. You can also fake in that elevation. Let the base collect a coordinate, write it down and enter it manually using your elevation.