Mini Series Support

DJI mini series have been available for many years now, even the mini 4 is speculated to come out soon (I doubt DJI will release the SDK soon for that).
The mini series is something that is a very important tool, as due to it being sub 250 grams it can get into areas that other drones cannot. Ive found posts that says DJI hasnt released the SDK, but now the SDKs are out.

So, will there be support for the mini series, mainly the mini 3 as it supports a 48mp mode?
I do know that there are limitations due to there only being an android SDK and you cannot use the RC for it as DJI does not allow modification to it.


I wish you luck on this. Similarly, I requested Fly support for Autel Drone but have not heard anything from DroneDeploy. I think you have a better chance since it is a DJI drone, but I see your post has also mostly been ignored. I will be watching to see if this gets picked up.

Best Wishes,