Mavic release a lot of hype?

Hello everyone this is my first post on this forum. I ordered a DJI mavic Pro that was promised to be delivered to my door on November 2nd. I woke up to get an email saying that I will not get it till November 30th. I read on Gizmodo this is quite a big problem. So far I’ve only had one drone, a yuneec q500. I’ve enjoyed this drone and I’ve got great videos which is my intention for my drone use. However I just crashed it into the side of a barn the other day which has really brought that old joke back to life for me and my friends at work “can’t hit the broadside of a barn”. Well I can and I did. But I have flown the drone at least two hundred times and that was my first crash and my first drone so I’m not too ashamed about it I just moved forward at the wrong moment when I should have moved backwards and then I crashed into the side of the barn. Anyways I would just like to hear some feedback from other people who are as irritated as I am with DJI not fulfilling their promises for us consumers who spend a lot of money on our Hobbies.

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Yes it to happened to me also! But theyou had me tracking piece of paper thinking it was my Mavic Pro. I was like a kid in a toy store. I watched the mail truck go up the street and come down to deliver what I thought was the Drones of all Drones. The photo copied paper said: Up Date call this number. Boy was I very disappointed! Who knows when we will get it! They have made millions on our investment!

The good news is I’ve already gotten to work on repairing my yuneec q500 and it should be back in the air by the end of the day. Expecting my mavic Pro on November 2nd I wasn’t going to bother with the repairs I was going to put it off to the side and just get to filming with my new drone but nope I have to put the yuneec back into the air.

First Impressions go a long way with me and like I said I haven’t dealt with DJI until I decided to buy this mavic based on all these kick ass videos I’ve been seeing. Aside from all the latest greatest technology that they packed into that thing it’s the compatibility that really had me sold. I’m a very Avid kayaker that would like to take a drone with me in my kayak and stop at the many islands that are around my house for the obvious reasons… salt broken promises from a multi-million dollar company that just took my $1,000 should at a minimum send me a couple T-shirts a couple stickers something to apologize for this major inconvenience an entire month more of waiting. Man I want a T-shirt in every color that says DJI and I won’t even wear one until I get my drone and it’s everything it should be. Kickdown something to us consumers while waiting for this drone that we’ve already spent our money on that a lot of us won’t even get to fly because now it’s arriving in winter time and I live in Michigan so I do not do too much below zero degrees flying!!! Not just an email saying your delivery date is changed that’s bogus a lot of us bought it based on when it is being released.

Okay I’m done ranting now haha

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I ordered some Mavics an hour after they went on sale (sept 27th I believe) and received them 5 days early last week around the 26th of October…

I get your frustration - I do.

I believe the problem arises because they rushed the announcement of the Mavic when the Karma debuted.

Your CC is probably not charged until it ships - right? Because yeah, if it was charged right away then they would have your money for a month and you wouldn’t have anything to show for it…not only that but you would be paying interest on it without having the benefit of it.

But from all I can gather, the wait will be well worth it…
Saw a review of the Karma - what rubbish.
Hope you have a good dry sack for it… Kayak… ahhhh… waiting to see some outstanding video brother…