Live Streaming, but where?

I have the business plan of DroneDeploy, which if I recall was around $3,000 for the year, and I’ve been searching and searching for a streaming platform. YouTube requires a 1,000 subscriber minimum and all others I’ve found cost $30-$65/mo.

I tried Facebook Live, but could neither get a good/stable connection (despite having everything hooked up to my 110mb DL 15mb UL WiFi connection) nor have a low latency between the buffering.

So upon my searching I saw that DroneDeploy featured “streaming capabilities”, but I haven’t found anything indicating this within the app.

Any help is appreciated.


Hopefully the screenshot posts correctly, but just showing what I was referring to.

Is this not a feature?

Streaming as in FPV from the drone’s camera to the device, not to the internet… I’m not sure streaming map tiles would make for a very good YouTube channel… :smile: