DroneDeploy Cost

Can anyone advise if there is and what the cost is for the use of DroneDeploy following the first months usage? Thanks.

Many thanks dragonflyAS

I have signed up to the explorer plan, which is supposed to be free with a maximum of 5 uploads a month, however when I look at my account it shows me to be on the Pro Plan, which is payable after the first month. Any idea whether I am on the explorer or Pro plan, and if there is a limited time for the Explorer plan?? Thanks

I am 99.9% sure that he explorer plan is supposed to be free… Do you have access to the volume measurement tool on the dashboard? If so, maybe you got a free 1-month trial to the Pro plan…

I thought it was free also. I will need to look at the functions available to me but at the moment I am having trouble getting the drone to connect wirelessly with the DroneDeploy app. It first says the drone is connected, and advises the drone status (e.g. Poor GPS on drone) but then when I create a flight plan it only allows me to save the plan and says ‘connect a drone to fly’. Any ideas? Thanks

I would not be much help. I am using Phantom 4’s and Inspires and saw that you are having wireless connection issues on the Phantom 3. All of my tablets/phones plug directly into the controller and I have never had a similar problem. Sorry :frowning:

If it says anything other than ‘drone connected’ in the status you need to resolve those issues before it will let you continue to the flight screen. If it says poor GPS it won’t let you move forward.

Thanks for your help

I think I may have figured out the issue. When I load the DroneDeploy app the drone is recognised and connects, but then switches to ‘USB connected. Waiting for drone’. When I look at the wifi connection through my device settings I can see the drone is connected via wifi, but with a notice saying there is no internet connectivity. I would guess this is why the DroneDeploy app is not picking up the connection. What do you think?

This has never been with the DJI app as there is a connection, but this app works off of GPS and manual control.

It shouldnt need internet connection. We have a phantom 3 standard we test with here using a similar connection method.

Do you have any suggestion as to where I can go to find a fix?

Ok so I have ensured I have the latest firmware updated, that I am in an area with a strong GPS signal, that the DJI GO app is closed, and I am still receiving notification that the drone is initially connected, then the usb is connected and waiting for drone. I can’t see anything else that I am missing… Any ideas, or advise as to when I can go to find a fix? Thanks

I have also completed the latest DroneDeploy update…

and perhaps I should have mentioned I am using an iPhone 6 as my device. Not android

You need at least 12 GPS satellites. Sometimes you even have to restart everything in the right order.