DroneDeploy Problem Log 26 July 2016

It has been a couple of weeks since my last mapping, and it appears all the horrible bugs are back.

I travelled far to a new project which was planned to take me a week to 10 days to complete.

On my very first flight plan it took off, did 3-4 passes and got ‘lost’, and by lost it goes camera up and starts ‘drifting’ in a random direction. I had to change to P-Mode and return manually.

Tried a second plan and exactly the same thing happened except this time no photos were captured.

The entire project has now been abandoned once again, and I have been forced to drive home after much expense and planning all down the drain.

Going forward there are only 3 possible causes here -
1 - User error (if the way a flight check, plan and take off procedure has been changed, please let me know of this hidden secret)
2 - Faulty DJI Phantom3 Adv
3 - Faulty DroneDeploy App

Conclusion -
If the problem is not #1, can somebody please take responsibility and solve this issue.