KML Input work? (iPad)

What I really want is a way to enter a Latitude/Longitude to create a point or something. I don’t see that in DroneDeploy. But I see KML input. OK. I can do that. I create a KML in Google Earth and try to import it. The App for this is loaded. I’m on an iPad as that is what I have in the field. DroneDeploy freezes or crashes. I see some others in the past with trouble importing KML but these are 3-5 years old.

Does KML import work on iPads currently?


Added info. The KML locks up DroneDeploy on the PC as well. I’ll love to see a simple KML file of a small polygon. Maybe it is some format problem that I have in the version of Google Earth. I don’t mind hand editing the KML with my Lat/Lon in it.

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