3D modes no working when kml used for flight plan

I believe this is a bug.
If you import a kml, even a simple on of a box, the 3d modes do not work. It will let you turn them on, but when the flight goes through its checks, it fails on the last one, saying something about too close of waypoints.
I opened a kml I was testing with, and removed the last coordinate, thinking it did not like the same point as start and end. It fixed it in my tests.
So the problem is the import function in drone deploy needs to delete the end point, as all kml makers I have seen (including the one I made for autocad) close their shapes that way.
This seems like a minor problem, as you can turn off 3d mode and the flight will work.
The problem is people don’t know that. They get to a site and assume their kml is bad.
It may never occur to them to turn off 3d mode, and the entire drone deploy tool is out of commission for them, for a simple setting.
Please fix this asap more for that reason than actually needing the 3d mode (which I do).

Is your KML from a polyline or a polygon?

Its a polygon. Try opening google earth, make a 4 sided pgon, save as kml, and look at the coordinates. There are 5 coords as the last one is same as first.
You cannot even seem to make a closed polyline in google earth. However, other things can make kmls. In general, the DD code should simply check for same start and end and handle to its advantage.

That’s right. It can be seen that the first waypoint and the last are the same coordinates because Google Earth is treating the perimeter of the polygon as a path and closing the loop. Regardless I have never experienced this. Both the new Enhanced 3D and Precision 3D House modes are working normally.

Are you planning in the Web Browser or on a Mobile Device?