Is the iPad 2018 version a supported device?

I was looking on the supported device page. It does not list the 2018 iPad, which is the current regular version iPad. It just says the 2017 model. I wanted to check if this was just an oversight, or if it isn’t officially supported.

Though I will not be buying an iPad Pro-- the same question can apply to its new 2018 model, as the 2017 model is the latest listed.

And looking forward, assuming they release a new iPad Mini (rumors say it’s likely) this year and/ or a new regular iPad model-- will those likely get support quickly, or is there a long testing period?

I’m just getting into this world, so I’m currently making my plans on equipment purchases. Thanks!

I use the 6th gen and have not had any issues. The only difference between it and the 5th gen is the ability to use the Apple pen.

Good to know. Thanks, Michael!

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