Ipad 9.7 vs 10.5 for Live Map

Subject says it all…

Anyone have experience with both the A9 chipset and the A10x? I am in the market for an Ipad to utilize livemap, but(at nearly twice the cost) not sure if it is worth the extra 300 bucks for better chip.

Thanks in advance for replies!!

Hi @Smittles,

We generally recommend the latest hardware when it comes to mobile devices since they are more powerful and capable for mapping, but it should work without issue on an iPad Air 2 or newer (Oct 2014) or iPad Mini 4 (Sept 2015). Hopefully someone who has had experience with several models of iPads can chime in and provide more insight.


iPad 5th gen i working flawlessly. What type of drone? If a P4P then you will need an extension for it to mount to the controller.

I agree - I love my 10" iPad, everything (including DroneDeploy) has been flawless on it. I also designed an extension bracket that can be 3D printed and holds the iPad nicely without having to force it in to the stock controller.

Thanks all for your input! That extender looks awesome!

This is a sunshade and iPad clip that allows the new iPad Pro 10.5" to mount onto the controller. There is a carbon fibre shade to fit most screens including smartphones and most tablets up to 7.25 inches wide.

The sunshade doubles as a kneeboard for notes, checklists, etc.

We manufacture these CeeVisors in Canada and ship worldwide.

Nice! What does that run?

Price is $35 - worldwide shipping. PM me if interested or via HighCee.com

Well I’ve taken the plunge and gone for a 10.5 with cellular. Ordered today and will hopefully arrive on Tuesday, after the Easter break.

I pray to Christ this works. I’m running a Mavic which of course suffers from its focusing issues through DD for a reason that’s still unclear to me. Despite many attempts to sort it through Android, with pulling cables, clearing cache etc and reconnecting after each battery change (yes this is now consistently giving relatively decent results) it’s not safe, takes up precious battery power and if nothing else, frustrates the hell out of me. I don’t think the focussing issue will ever disappear with Mavic vs DD, there doesn’t seem to be any news on it in recent months, but if I only have one step to do in DJIGo and not five each time I change battery, I think I can live with it. Still not good though.

It took me a while to decide upon the 10.5 but I went for it over the 9.7 mainly because it would be more future proof than the 9.7. I’d actually prefer a smaller tablet such as a Mini but I think it’s on borrowed time in terms of Apple support and iOS updates. Because the physical unit size of the 10.5 is barely any bigger than the 9.7, it didnt seem sensible to go small either.

I know literally nothing about Apple or iOS, but from what I’ve read, the better chip in the 10.5 is used up serving the better screen so all in all I don’t think the 10.5 performs much better over the 9.7 as far as the DD goes. Certainly not as far as Live Map goes anyway.

Live Map is something I am excited about actually. A couple of times over the past week I have lost a whole row of images taken during the mission but unfortunately I haven’t realised until I’ve gone to upload them into the cloud to find the little blue dots missing, by which time it is too late. This of course has caused some pretty major flaws in the processed map but with Live Map, hopefully it will catch them and highlight the error before I leave site.

Please God work.

I’m not a big fan of Apple stuff, but for DD, it works, and works well. That said, you might still suffer focus issues, so be prepared for that.

I think you’ll look back and be proud of yourself. I don’t use Apple products either, but you gotta use what is being done open for…

Please don’t say that. The whole purpose of this is to stop the focus problem.

I don’t generally have a problem with the interface and glitches anymore on Android, but the focus issue is one that won’t go away. Only to remove the five minutes of trial and error of pulling cables, clearing cache and reconnecting am I going down the Apple road so if there are still problems, even after manually focusing in DJI Go, then I may as well cancel the iPad order.

I’m currently the laughing stock of my extended family and friends - all dedicated Apple Zombies. I have been campaigning for years how crap and overpriced Apple are but they won’t hear a word of it.

Reminds me of an old youtube video:-
[don’t play beyond a minute or so if you don’t like bad language]

When I started making inquiries of my brother 6 weeks ago, within two days word had got round and back to me that James was finally defecting and was embarrassingly published across social media.

I pray to Christ @MBlacklin is mistaken otherwise it was all for nothing and I’ll be sending @Stephanie the bill.

hahaha…so great…my sister said walgreens has them.

I am such not an Apple person, that I did not realize there was a new version of ipad coming out today. The 9.7 with A10 chip is only 330 bucks. Seems like the way to go?


Thanks James! Looks like the new one is perfectly capable if only used as a DD monitor. Perhaps if I wanted to slay millions of zombies in FF or process ultra slo-mo video of my cat falling off the table I should go with pro, but for the solo use of running livemap I think I will go with the cheaper option.

Secondary question…anyone have experience mirroring ipad to a t.v. for my client/agronomist to view livemap as I am flying?

The easiest way I found without Apple Play (since I am not an Apple fan) is a program called x-mirage. There are other ones though. X-mirage is inexpensive and is basically an Apple Play emulator for a PC. I stream the iPad to the PC and the PC is connected to the TV. I also have a clickshare (which isn’t cheap) that allows wireless streaming to any device.

Awesome! Thanks for the reply! I will check those out.

Things appear to be going really well with my experience on the Pro 10.5. A good decision I think. Still not an iOS lover but definitely a more fluid experience with DD, and Go4 for that matter. Big screen, easier to read, easier to tweak camera settings, no crashing and most of all, easier to swap out between Go4 and DD when manually focusing after each battery change. Still a pain but having to set up each time but not the end of the world and seem to be getting consistent results now. Good results. TBH, I’d mastered it on Android shortly before but it was even more of a pain in the arse.

Live also working well although have found it’s using up a stack of mobile bandwidth. I know it’s not supposed to but it is. I think it’s uploading and syncing the live map from the tablet to the Cloud after it’s completed as not long afterwards, I’ll receive a DD email confirming it’s been sync’d. I could prevent mobile access to DD but then it wouldn’t get the maps before or during the flight. Any ideas?

Lastly, there’s been a couple of occassions where I’ve forgotten my laptop to check on images before leaving the site. Can anyone offer any experience about viewing their micro sd on their iPad? I have a card reader I’d use for my Android device but from what I read, iPads have a problem with even the most basic of readers due to “low power” or something. Powered cameras or hubs appear to be okay through a lightning cable but not card readers? And the images are required to be in a DCIM (tick box) under a 8-character file name? Presumably DJI_0001 will suffice?

Thanks in advance for your help.