App not starting after upgrade on Ipad Mini 2

Years since I used dronedeploy but started preparing for mapping projects and a new drone. Started the old dronedeploy app on my drone ipad, all ok. Updated it and boom. Now it does not start at all, just a blue screen for a few seconds and then kicking me out into the OS environment. It does run in the background, but with a blank blue screen only and when I switch to it then it takes two seconds and I’m back.

I so regret updating the app now, anybody have an idea about what the problem might be?

Hey @maxpax , welcome. It’s obviously been years, lol. Besides the iPad not being a supported device due to the fact that it is almost 7 years old, the advent of the iOS app version 4 introduced allot of overhead which requires more horsepower. What version of iOS is your iPad on?

ios 12. Just updated to that also.

I believe that is as far as a Mini 2 will go. Just updated to 14.4 on my Mini 5 yesterday.

So where do I find a supported devices list?

nevermind. found it.

Seems I will have to upgrade to air or mini 5 to run dronedeploy. Hmmm… map pilot works, gspro works, atlas flight works, dronelink seems to work, I think I’ll try those out instead before upgrading…


I totally get you. We had some heartburn even with the 6th Gen iPad, but ever since v4.31 things have gotten much better. DroneDeploy now obviously has allot of functionality that those other apps don’t, but the Dashboard is the part that needs some simplifying. That said I don’t think we should expect a device that is two versions back on an OS, a dual-core processor and a 1/3rd of the RAM of current equipment to work on current software.