Importing KML/SHP files to map planner

I’m trying to upload a KML or SHP file in to the map planner to assist me in planning some drone flights, but I can’t get it to work.

Coordinate projection is WGS84.

Once uploaded it seems to process the file fine but then nothing happens… no file appears on the screen. Have read through other forum submissions on topic and haven’t found a solution that helps so far.

How can I get this to work

I should add the the .shapefiles were made in QGIS. The .KML file I made by converting the shapefiles on a free online converter.

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I would try exporting directly to .kml out of QGIS.

I think I solved the problem, I think the KML file I was trying to import was too complex with multiple sub-polygons. When I reduced it and added them separately it seemed to work.