I just want to automate 2d capture of an area

Hi, I am just looking to automate 2d capture of some land. I see the “high quality photos” option but this is just waypoints. I need to cover the whole area to stitch together in one 2d map. What am I missing?

I figured It out. Doesnt seem to work on android/phone but works fine on PC.

You are trying to make a nadir ortho map?

Really im trying to make a nadir “art” trying to photo a largish (+/-) 1 square mile of straight down photos that I can stitch together for artistic purposes. Sounds pretty simple but the program needs to :

Work on android
Stop the drone to take each photo.

So far Map Pilot Pro is only program I know that can stop for each photo but not on android yet.

Anyways thanks for the reply. I know Im not the typical use case lol.

What drone? Pix4D Capture allows for stop-and-go and Dronelink can but it takes a little more configuration. I assume the stop is a requirement of the artistic aspect?

Yeah I want to be able to shoot a 5 shot exposure bracketed shoot to maximize dynamic range from my air2s. Might not be too much of a differrnce at midday wo harse shadows but I want to shoot low light as well.

Good to know about the pix4d . I was planning on getting a trial. Ill check it out.

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