Automate flight around cirlce or squre on low altitiude M2P


I am learning how to take good quality and usefull photos for the photogrammetry projects.

I found an example construction site in my neighborhood to take photos and create 3d model of the building.

I already have taken photos with the drondeploy app on 20m altitude.

Now I would like to take photos on 4m or even fewer meters and closer to the building.

Is it possible to do this somehow automatically by drone deploy?

Or do you know any other software to do this?

I know that your competition pix4dcapture has some kind of mode like that, however, in my case, their software is very unstable and I have a black box instead of the camera preview.

Dronedeploy working like a charm!

Thanks for any advice!

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Hi Artur! Unfortunately DroneDeploy will only allow automated flight down to 10 meters, but for a simple structure such as that it should be pretty easy to capture good imagery in manual flight. Pix4D Capture has the same limitation, but they do have the Catch app that optimizes the effort of taking photos on the ground. Be very careful when doing captures at very low altitudes making sure that you are not getting too much background information or the horizon in the images.

I would recommend one nadir flight at 20m and another Enhanced 3D at 20m using both crosshatch and perimeter. Nadir overlaps at 80/65 and the Enhanced 3D overlaps at 70/70. You must be aware of the height of the structure and the fact that at 20 meters AGL you are only going to be 10-15 meters above the roof which is quite close. There is such a thing as being too close and not being able to capture the necessary amount of overlap for good stitching as the drone can only fly so slow.