How to share a flight plan between multiple users?

New to drone deploy and the platform. I was creating a new flight plan and was curious if drone deploy supports sharing of one flight plan to multiple users for completion? Or functionality that splits a flight plan into multiple stages that can be completed by separate pilots?


Hi @Nick_van_Strijp - not yet, but soon. We anticipate this being very useful.

@Dronedeploy_Devices @neema Do you think this will still be coming soon? We would love to scale our operation throughout other states, but we aren’t yet able to share flight plans to third parties.

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I think what you are trying to do is only in the Enterprise accounts. Maybe Teams. @Farai_Masheke

That may work, but we would be using independent pilots in these states. Not W2 employees. We don’t necessarily want everyone and their son to look through all of our customers flights.


That’s the case then it’s definitely either teams or enterprise. This is where you get user management and can assign folders to each pilot or like an hour case. Each project manager has a folder and the people that should see everything are in that route folder, but you can also add people to the individual projects.

Thanks for the suggestion @MichaelL. This is something we will look into. Much appreciated!

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@RALOS @Nick_van_Strijp @MichaelL Hello!

Yes, this would be an enterprise-tier functionality that will allow you to not only share the flight plan but create groups for specific users as well. See Groups Docs here:

Just for ease of understanding here and maybe I answered the question incorrectly would you just want to share the flight template that was created and edited according to the site or share the project as well?

For that, we would just add the user to the project which can be done on any tier but the user will need a paid plan to view or actually complete the flight.