How To relocate my Home point

I have a blue dot on my home map that is in the wrong place. How can I relocate it to the correct point?
Thank You

The home point is set where the drone took off. You can’t reset it in flight in our app.
You can take control of the drone by switching the mode switch and then choose to land it wherever you want.

The blue dot is where the handset is located, is it not? Not the home point.

Edit:- Apologies, I’m referring to Go4 and moves about and you walk around with your controller.

The blue dot on DD is the next waypoint, the blue circle with the white arrow is where the drone is and the blue circle with the white house is of course the home point where your drone took off from and is set by your GPS. If this is wrong I can only imagine there’s something wrong with your GPS or needs calibrating. Apologies for the mixup.

Thanks guys. As it turned out the blue spot was a home point. However I was looking at it without connecting a drone. New to DD got it now. The home point moved to the right location once I was connected. Once again thanks for your support.