"Home" position and Take Off hesitation

Two questions about the DD Flight App on an IOS device. Phantom 4 Pro & iPad.

  1. I’m ready to launch a P4Pro on a mapping mission, preflight checklist is complete.
    After pressing the “Start Flight” button, there’s a hesitation before the props start to spin.
    Seems like the hesitation time varies, maybe 5-15 seconds or so.
    Have used the app for quite a few mapping sessions and want to confirm this is normal.
    If not, what should I check. I never know exactly when it’s going to take off and just stare at it until it does.

  2. How do I know the home position is locked in prior to flight?
    When using DJI Go 4, I get an audio confirmation saying “Home position has been located, please check it on the map” prior to launch.
    With DD “Flight”, I have to wait until the drone ascends to initial flight altitude on the mapping mission, then moves to start the mission before seeing a “Home” icon on the map. During the initial ascent, the “Home” icon is hidden by the “Triangle” icon representing the drone.

  1. That is the software uploading the waypoints to the drone. Anything in the RC to aircraft connection could cause a lag as well as the size of the project.

  2. With DroneDeploy, it should be the DJI processes establishing the home point and even though it’s not showing up immediately on the map, it has been set. I like your point about an audible notification. That would be helpful.

Thank you Michael

  1. It helps to know this is normal and why the upload time sometimes vary.
    Fortunately, most missions are either at a construction site or industrial area where I can be a little more relaxed while that waypoint upload takes place. I’m always hiper aware prior to takeoff, scanning the area for anything/anyone that might come close enough for contact right before takeoff.
    Not knowing WTH was going on during that delay always had me wondering.
    It hasn’t been an issue yet but could see where the takeoff delay might be more of a concern if pets, children, blowing debris, etc. were around.
    Would be nice if that upload would take place during the preflight check.

  2. Does DJI Go 4 need an established home point prior to take off? I may be mistaken but it seems like over the years, I’ve taken off before a home point was established then received that audio cue after takeoff. Could be wrong on this. Not 100 percent.


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  1. I definitely understand how it could be unsettling. Sitting there waiting for it to off and then being surprised.

  2. The home point should be established by DroneDeploy via DJI Go 4 right before it takes off. That may even be part of that initialization and uploading.

Thanks again
I sure hope the home point is established prior to T/O as you mentioned.
Current mission climbs to 180 ft after lift off. I’m never really sure until I see some lateral movement and the circled “H” appears whether it’s been recorded or not.

I did search around for a while before posting these questions.
Couldn’t find any literature or tutorials that reference either.

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