Can you change home point during a battery change when mapping a large area?

Is it possible to move to a new location after swapping a battery and have a P4 Advanced use this new take-off location as the home point to which it will return to? Or do I need to break large areas up into separate missions each with its own start point. What would happen if I did move the drone during a battery change? Would it return to the original take off point?

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You’re better off with separate missions because it sets the home point then.
It may do it on a battery change. You might try it with a small location change in a wide open area.

Good question, if you try this out, please let us know what happens.

Thanks Gary, does anyone have a definite answer? I’m keen to try but I am slightly nervous of the drone heading off to land when I’m I’m not around!!

Every time that you restart your drone and load your mission, the point that it will return to will be the takeoff location of the drone. You do not need to do separate missions as a continue mission is pretty much considered a separate mission internally in the software when it comes to loading waypoints.


Yes I can confirm that this is the case. When you swap the battery, the P4 Advanced recalculates a home point and continues with the planned flight from the new home point. It’s witchcraft!! Obviously you want to remove the battery at the first home point and don’t switch the drone on until you get to the second home point otherwise I’d imagine things might turn out different but I don’t really know if the home point is the GPS location where it takes off from or where it first gets a fix after it boots up?

It works. Land it, remove the battery, move to the new point, put a new battery in, fire it up and it continues flight plan and returns to new home point.