How to efficiently make map of water

I’m in the middle of use case for municipial environmental office and we need to map large lake (crossing over 1.5km). The reason for survey map is that office need to look at the image and figure during summer time how the lake water changes.

Has anybody try to make map of lake/ large body of water with DD?

Niko Paulanne

I have done a 17 acre pond several times. I get a lot of spikes on the 3D map with water. Results are better whit less wind when the water is flat. The interesting changes I notice between flights is the change in water color because of turbidity more so than water line elevation. I have been thinking about playing around with the math behind Secchi disks and perhaps semi-permanently install appropriately scaled up versions like submerged panels for aerial work. It may be interesting to play with. If you are going to fly something over and over again for environmental studies scaled up Secchi disks may provide a method for gathering data.

Thank you for your insights @JusticePLLC!

The lake in question is just under square mile big, so the reference point imaging is kind of out of option. But that is good to keep in mind if there will be more shore like imaging, beaches and ports and such. A couple of boyos on water could make the diffrence.

/Niko Paulanne

I am able to see bream beds in shallow water. They are a fresh water fish, they build beds this time of year. I can also see deer paths very well.