Carlson Survey Software (CAD)

Does anyone have experience using exported GeoTiffs in Carlson? I have a client that is complaining that the image is extremely slow once it loads in. I’m not familiar with Carlson, and I can’t find much online about it. Anyone have suggestions?

In my admittedly limited knowledge of Carlson, it needs pretty small files to work with. If you’re exporting pretty high-resolution stuff, a lower resolution may work better within their software.

I also reached out to them for support (with the license ID etc) and they were impressively prompt and helpful. If you can get your client’s subscription ID it may be worth sending them an email and attaching the file for direct advice.


Thanks Neema,
We did indeed reach out to Carlson, and as you mentioned, they recommended smaller file sizes. So we are exploring our options at this point. The file sized that I delivered first was close to 800mb. (very large). I re-exported a lower res at around 150mb. The client hasn’t gotten back to me with the results yet, but I’ll be sure to let you guys know what we find out.

Just to follow up, the client was able to use the 150mb file. Still not sure what the ceiling is, we’ll be testing different file sizes until we find the sweet spot.

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Awesome, that is great to hear. Glad it worked out, and thank you for the update!

Let us know if you find that you’re able to work with something larger than 150 mb. Curious to hear how the tests go.

FYI…We’re up to around 290mb without problems so far. Still testing.